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Incorporated in 2015, AjHome started off as a consultancy company providing services to developers from product development to marketing and sales in creating the best products to support developer handling over 15 projects over the years. From then on, it grew from strength to strength and went on to commence its own project in 2016. Both the founders are from the international real estate industry with over 30 years of collective experiences working with Developers and covered International Regions They have work with both listed and private company from inception to managing student apartments, hotels, residential apartment and offices over the last 10 years The progression into becoming a boutique property developer was inevitable, as AjHome Land began taking on development projects across the UK. With a steady growth of portfolio in residential, hotel and commercial, it continues to create landmarks in desirable locations, while maintaining its mission to deliver quality and sustainable investment products for its clients.

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With experience and expertise that go for miles, witness fine-crafted projects in various art forms and diversified practicality.

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Value Creation From The Start

Here at AJHome, we understand the importance of establishing and maintaining sustainable and long-term customer relationships. Which is why our main motto “value investment from the start” that does not just stop with our developments but it extends beyond our projects right to you including its yield to you. Through every project and development, our sole objective is to create real estates that will add value and enrich the lives of our investors and the community; be it a working environment, a comfortable home or a commercial venue.


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