Joint Ventures have evolved from Consultancy clients wanting to financially back Aj Home while still wishing to share the yield & profit.
Joint Ventures have evolved from Consultancy clients wanting to financially back Aj Home whille still wishing to share the yield & profit. As with all Aj Home deals, the Joint Venture proposal is agreed at the outset. We will suggest a profile of property & development tailored to the liquid funds available. We will also agree the Limited Company & share structure which can be verified & set up by either Aj Home's Solicitor or your own Solicitor. The most profitable property deals happen because all parties are geared to act professionally, swiftly & decisively. We can instantly evaluate the investment opportunity using our HMO model & we have RICS surveyors ready to overview conditions & values swiftly too. Rather than wait for bank finance to be released, we use Loans for Property to back our decisions for a standardised offer, terms & conditions. Joint Venture exit strategies are also agreed at the outset & are tailored to your individual investment aims & aspirations. Some JVs are looking for a short term gain but others like Doncaster Property Investments Ltd are a long term investment providing short term yields with long term capital appreciation. Once the Joint Venture structure has been agreed, our service is akin to our Consultancy service. We will suggest a property tailored to the Joint Venture, which can immediately summarise the predicted yield based on the standard development cost plus acquisition cost. This allows investors to confidently decide not only to invest but which type of property to invest in. Once the HMO development is complete, investors also have the choice of refinancing with a mortgage to release original investments funds. We also offer a portfolio review service for landlords who currently hold a large portfolio which is under performing; we are able to work with clients in a number of ways to transform the portfolio into a collection of attractive and high yielding investments.
  • Minimum investment - £500,000
  • Maximum investment - N/A
  • *Typical yield - Net 12-17% Gross 17-22%
  • Typical investment period - 5 to 10 years
  • Turnaround Time - 6 Months
  • Typical exit period - 12 to 24 months
  • Security - First Legal Charge, Second Legal Charge
  • Typical risk - Medium
  • Typical involvement - Medium
  • Typical investor profile - A person looking for a larger scale investment which can either be retained for income or sold on as a going concern for a large capital gain.