Why Invest in UK Property

Below is a list of factors that make the United Kingdom a potentially good investment location. Listed below are some of the main factors that make property in The United Kingdom a good investment:

  • The UK’s property sales market proves ideal for investors looking to buy up well-priced residential and commercial properties offering solid rental potential and long term growth prospects.
  • Many people, unable to pay current mortgage rates, seek to rent property instead, creating a ready market for buy-to-let investors today. 
  • In 2008, UK rental yields averaged 6.4% per annum, offering steady rental income to add to capital growth upon eventual resale in the long term - investors willing and able to wait, will benefit from an inevitable market upturn in the future
  • The UK is a world economic leader and a member of the G8. A founding member of the UN and NATO, it is generally regarded as a reassuringly safe and solid country in which to invest
  • The UK is a country rich in cultural identity and natural beauty. This, combined with the nation’s historically stable economic and political environment, is encouraging to many investors
  • The United Kingdom is the third most populated state in the European Union, indicating a high demand for all types of commercial and residential real estate
  • Green meadows, snow-capped mountains, moorlands and lakes are natural attractions that blend with countless monuments, traditional pubs, cream teas, theatre, arts, cinema and music to bring year-round tourists from all corners of the globe.
  • The tourist market creates opportunity for investors into related real estate, particularly in London and many other national tourist hotspots
  • Property in the UK has something to offer everyone: quality properties, from smart, trendy urban off-plan apartments, to old, rambling country properties suit all tastes and budgets
  • A large number of direct airline services to the UK’s major national and international airports are available from many worldwide locations. An excellent road and transport infrastructure allows easy access to your final destination